Brian Andrew Barton

Working for Oklahoma

Government Service

Brian Barton is an experienced executive assistant for the Oklahoma State Senate. He has hands-on knowledge of the legislative process, constituent issues, and coordination. As lead legislative contact, his duties include, but not limited to: legislation review, coordination, and working with individuals and interest groups. With casework, Brian has remained steadfast in listening and providing service through the Covid-19 Pandemic, teacher walkout of 2018, and  becoming fluent in navigating the bureaucratic process to find assistance for individuals in many areas.

Government Service


I wanted to thank Brian Barton at Oklahoma State Senator Joe Newhouse’s office for helping me with a project. It was amazing to see how hard he worked to make things work out for us. He went above and beyond what was expected. A true asset in Senator Newhouse’s office. As a government representative, he used their voice so that mine could be heard. As elections approach, this is another reason why it’s important to vote. These people can make a difference in your life. Thank you again Brian for your assistance!!

— Marti (Wilson) Zwahlen

Brian‘s dedication and patriotism is beyond reproach. He is very willing to assist with any question or situation that I and his other colleagues may have. He has genuine concern for the constituents that his Senator serves. We deal a lot with our constituents and he is very knowledgeable as to how to assist them. Working for separate officials, we began working together in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. At the Oklahoma State Senate, Brian is known for his efficiency in the legislative process. He and I worked together on the transition between Senator Silk and the newly elected official. Brian faithfully served two elected Senators with integrity until the transfer was complete for Senate District 5. If put in a situation that I could hire him I definitely would.

Joyce Butler Oklahoma State Senate

Campaign & Election Qualifications

Brian Barton has a background of campaign management and representing Oklahoma’s elected officials. As a hired campaign field director and field representative, Brian has worked with Oklahoma voters to elect and maintain republican leadership to Washington D.C.. Having temporarily worked on Capitol Hill., Brian has a vision for a family and career in Oklahoma.

Campaign & Election


I Brian is a very positive leader always smiling. A natural leader and go getter. People easily follow him because he is confident and know the direction he is headed. Not afraid of putting in the long hours. Principled, dedicated, faithful, the kind of guy you want on your team.

— Albert Soto

It is evident that work and quality are important to him. Speaking on a number of issues he is quick to learn a new skill for his job. If given the opportunity I would gladly hire Brian again. Brian Barton is the type of person you want on your team. It is with great pleasure I recommend Brian.

— Congressman for OK CD 2 Markwayne Mullin

Nonprofits and Volunteering

Brian Barton serves after hours  through involvement with several nonprofit and volunteer organizations. Working with faith projects and organizations such as Drumright First Baptist Church revitalization project, The Gideons International and The Navigators, he gains resources to empower community service in the local community. With a love of American History, Brian presents educational programs to the general public through living history impressions of the US Civil War, Lewis and Clark Expedition, Mexican War and Texas Revolution.

Nonprofits and Volunteering


Brian’s passion and love for America and its history is reflected in his serious approach to accurately portraying a Union soldier in reenactments and living history programs at federal and state parks, as well as local historic sites. Brian has read and studied U.S. History extensively and, when he speaks to the public and to other reenactors, he knows what he is talking about!

Calvin C. Kinzer, MA

Captain, Commanding Co. B, 24th Missouri Volunteer Infantry Civil War Reenactors

“The Blue and the Gray” 1981 Technical Advisor for Columbia Pictures Television

Evangalism & Discipleship

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Conservative Activist

Living History Programs

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